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Adopting FAQs

What is my dog's history?

In most cases, we do not know their history. Many dogs are picked up as strays. Others are surrendered by an owner with minimal explanation. In the southern rescue organization, our dogs are evaluated by staff and examined by a veterinarian; in New Hampshire, by our quarantine team and veterinarian.

Will I receive medical documentation for my dog?

All of Mary’s Dogs have all of the required vaccines according to their age, are spayed or neutered, have been given flea preventatives, heartworm medication, have been wormed, have had a negative heartworm test (when age appropriate) and have been micro-chipped. All of our dogs go to the vet within 7 days prior to transport and are thoroughly checked before they are individually given a Health Certificate in order to travel on transport.

By State Law, once they arrive in New Hampshire, they are in quarantine for at least 48 hours. Before being released to you, our vet performs a medical exam on your dog and issues a NH Health Certificate. So, unless there is a medical emergency, your pup does not need to see your veterinarian immediately, but should soon after going home to continue heartworm prevention on schedule and to update any vaccines (puppies who are adopted at less than 16 weeks).

You will receive the Health Certificate. Your pup’s microchip information will be part of that document. You will have to call the company (ex. AKC Reunite ® ) listed on your medical form and transfer the microchip information to your name. You will also receive a signed copy of your contract and a printed copy of your questionnaire.

When can I pick-up my new dog?

At the time that you are approved and have chosen a certain dog, you will be given their arrival date.

Your dog will arrive at the quarantine facility where they stay for at least 48 hours (typical schedule is Friday to Tuesday). Our vet will examine your dog. Once your dog has arrived, we will send an email to let you know how they are doing and to update you on pickup. Though we hope that all dogs will go home after a typical quarantine period, our main concern is sending home HEALTHY dogs so if your dog is positive for a parasite or has a cough, they may have to stay in quarantine until they have been treated and are granted a NH Health Certificate.

Can I change my dog's name?

Your dog can learn a new name. But we need help! Please remember their rescue name and include that when contacting us in the future.

Is Crate Training a good idea?

Most of our dogs are introduced to crates in their southern foster homes, however, crate training is a work in progress for some. They ride in crates during transport and spend time in crates during quarantine. Regardless of their age, we do recommend purchasing a crate. Most of our puppies have been with their litter mates until they are placed on the transport vehicle and sent to us, so they may need to adjust to sleeping alone in a crate.

What should I feed my dog?

The rescues and shelters in the south rely on donations of food. These dogs eat several kinds of foods (dry kibble) in the south and have been doing so for several weeks. Our experience is that a slow introduction to a grain-free diet is best. While grain-free is typically recommended, the healthier foods are much higher in protein so tummies need time to adjust to the new diet.

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