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Ummm…About that harness…

Aaron's harness

Our first harness experience

Well, there you have it. I thought it would be a grand idea to get you into a harness, Aaron.

Geez. It wasn’t so bad getting that harness over your head, even. You’re getting pretty darn comfortable with that constant exchange of food for a gentle touch. Really, those front legs went right through the two holes in the front, Aaron. Great job! Took a little extra effort but we accomplished it. Wow! What a dog.

Hey… you know by now that nothing is free at the Mary Doane home for wayward dogs. You gotta work for stuff. Hey Aar…that harness was the first step toward a world beyond the room you’ve been living in since last Saturday morning. It’s getting a little boring, don’t you think? I mean, what kind of dog wants to live in the basement? Just think, Aaron. That harness gives you freedom! You can lie in the sweet New Hampshire grass for as long as you want. You can even roll in it. You can kick those feet in the air and take in all the freshness of these beautiful summer mornings. You can sniff out all the wild animals who used this yard as a playground last night. Or a feeding ground. Aaron….did you know that the deer ate three of my favorite Hosta plants last night? Ate the tops right off ’em. You need that harness, Aaron.

With that harness in place, you can meet those two dogs you’ve been hearing and smelling since you arrived. They’d sure like to get to know you, for sure, tho you’ll have to watch out for that Jane. You step out of line and she’ll put you right in your place. And Jazz will only want to play. Immediately. By the way, Aaron… that harness you chewed up? It belonged to Jane. And she loved that harness.

Aaron with yogurt container

That cool nose game we’ve order doxycycline 100mg been playing in the basement? You know…the game where John or I drop cooked chicken into countless yogurt containers and cardboard boxes and hide them all over your room? Just so you can find them? Just to help keep you focused and learning? Those large size yogurt containers are just great, too. Your head fits perfectly, and you have a bit of a challenge getting the chicken off the bottom. Well… there’s a gazillion yogurt containers and small cardboard boxes placed for you around the property. In the bushes. Over by the pond. The entrance to the woods. All waiting for you, Aaron…

Probably should have thought twice about chewing up that harness.

That harness means a lot more than just being able to hang around the yard, by the way. It gives all of us a lot of flexibility. New experiences! Walks in the woods at dusk. Aaron, you won’t believe the wood thrush who’s living in an old hemlock tree down on Thurston Pond Road. And in case you’re wondering, a new family of chipmunks moved into the rock wall at the end of the road. I figured you for a chipmunk kind of a dog. Jazzie would join you in that game, for sure. And, since you’re looking a little better after that brushing yesterday, I was thinking that perhaps a ride into Exeter might do you some good, Aaron. A little change of pace. Some fabulous new smells. A walk down Water St. Stop in and see Dan at the Water St. Bookstore. He loves dogs! Hey, I heard somebody in that bookstore might be looking for a dog. Advertising! Advertising!

I was going to include that harness in your adoption fee…

Tomorrow I’m going to get you a new harness, Aaron. We’re going to work on having you follow me. You’re beginning to trust me, right Aar? We’re going to fit you with a new harness, Aaron. And then….we’re going outside.