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There’s a Breeze in Boston!

Breeze in Boston
Breeze is really starting to show her personality and she is a WONDERFUL dog! I can’t believe the transition she has made in only a month. Today was my last exam for the semester so a friend and I spent the day together with our dogs. Breeze went to an open off leash dog park and came to me every time I called her, she had a small “doggie sundae,” she went swimming (kind of, more waded in chest deep, but still, that is a huge deal for a dog who may never been swimming before) and she has learned to fetch.

Breeze in Boston!
I am always getting compliments on what a great dog she is and everyone is always amazed  by the fact that I have only had her a month. I can’t thank you enough for making such a great match for me. Breeze is playful and active when we are outside in the dog park and is now settling down when we are in the apartment. She still sometimes does bark a little bit when I leave but I talked to my neighbors and apparently no one in the building can hear her unless they are out in the hallway, so I think she is getting more used to me coming and going.

Breeze in Boston!
Her leash training is still a work in progress and really the only thing we need to work on. She is great when there aren’t a lot of distractions and we are close to home, but if we go somewhere new she gets a bit over-stimulated and it is hard for her to focus, which is only natural at this point. Here are some pictures from our adventures today! Thank you again!

-Lori and Breeze