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The Story of Scarlet…


by Elias age 9

We were on the highway. I felt anxious when we got to New Hampshire because I thought the dogs would already be there. It was tough waiting for the dogs to arrive. When the dogs arrived I thought the howling dog was Scarlet but it turned out to be Storm. Get it? Storm was making a noisestorm. When I saw Scarlet she looked so cute! When Mary said to walk Scarlet I thought it would be easy but Scarlet was so strong she could pull my mom. I thought she was going to be hard to train.

No Furniture Scarlet
On the ride home all she did was look out the back window and then there were dog nose marks on the car windows. When we got home she was so ‘sniffy’. Everything must smell different in Boston. Now she has a friend Tazi. They play a lot but I think biting each other isn’t a good game. It’s funny when they play fight and make odd sounds. Sometimes Scarlet goes into my legos and steals my lego people. When she plays outside, she tracks mud, dirt and other dirty stuff into the house?. We found out Scarlet’s bark is very deep!

Sometimes when she plays she jumps on the couch and once she landed on top of me, but she didn’t hurt me. She loves to sleep on her bed inside her crate, but now at night she sleeps on the beanbag chair in my bedroom. Sometimes she sits on my chest when I’m asleep. She is such a couch hog she technically is a couch stealer. When she goes on the deck she eats bird poop so she needs a human supervisor to make sure she doesn’t eat the bird poop. Scarlet is funny. There is never a time she can’t make me laugh out loud.

Now it is night and at night she likes a belly rub (she likes them in the morning and afternoon too). When it is morning and everyone wakes up she wags her tail so hard it makes such a loud banging sound my mom has to try to hold it still so she doesn’t wake up my cousins next door. My cousins own Scarlet’s friend Tazi- did I mention that? No I don’t think so. Scarlet has mastered the stairs- they where challenging at first and it was hard for her to not be afraid of them.

Scarlet & Hockey Stick
Scarlet has joined a hockey family so she too has to have a hockey talent — hers is carrying a hockey stick. Maybe she’ll learn to play street hockey soon. She still is a bit nippy when we play with her chew toy. Her favorite toy is a football- it squeaks. When she came home she already knew how to fetch. Scarlet is the best dog I could ever wish for!


by Marisa age 8

Dog Kisses
Scarlet is awesome. She has lots of love in her- she is a love buy doxycycline for malaria dog. When we got her I was so excited and I was so happy. She is adorable and she licks me. Her favorite toy is the football. I love her a lot. She is a couch potato -it is really funny. She goes on people’s beds. She is cute. She can do tricks when Mom gives her food. I love her very much and I hope she loves me too. She goes up and down stairs now and she didn’t before. Now she goes on my bed and I love it.


Scarlet Speaks

I have adopted a new family. There are lots of kids (mine and their friends) and dogs to play with and I like that a lot. I really, really, really like going on the furniture, and any bed, chair or sofa will do. The dog bed is okay, but…..

I didn’t know what the leash, car, stairs or bones were- but they’re all great. It can be quite exhausting to entertain all these kids and dogs- but you do what you gotta do. I am kind of silly, love to play, toys are the best and food- well I will do just about anything for it.

Happy Crew
I didn’t mean to get a tick stuck to me after I mastered the stairs to the beds. Guess that stuff you put on me didn’t work too good. I didn’t mean to chew those shoes, but this family really needs to be better at keeping the floor clear. I am a pup after all- and not for nothing, but those sneakers were kind of old. I don’t mean to whine and howl in my crate but it is much more fun to be with everyone. Good thing you know your neighbors- and if that grumpy neighbor chooses to move, isn’t that a good thing? Oh, and I can’t help the drippy beard thing- I mean isn’t it endearing to drip after you drink and carry all sorts of leaves and debris around under your mouth?

Hockey Game
If I take things out of the recycling, isn’t that really recycling the recycling? If I learn to put them in, will you say “Good dog Scarlet” instead of “Scarlet ! Why are those containers in the middle of the living room floor?!” And what exactly is the problem with chasing birds when you’re on a leash?

This family needs some training, but I think I’ll stay and do the work. In a few weeks I hear I’m going to puppy school. I hope that means I get to go on the yellow school bus with my kids in the morning. Gotta go now- I hear “Scarlet come here”…..I think the kids need to play. You know what they say “A tired kid is a good kid”. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.