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The Story of Nikki

Hi, I'm Nikki.
We are so glad that we found Nikki – or that Nikki found us. After going through a very rough summer last year taking care of my mom, who passed away in September, along with having to say good-bye to our 11 year old dog, Rudy, in July, I needed a good dose of HAPPINESS. My husband, Neil, and I had agreed we would wait until at least January to look at adopting another dog. By mid-October, we were both checking out rescue leagues and pet adoption agencies. We both knew we weren’t going to be able to wait because we are “dog” people. My husband is the hiking, snowshoeing and nature guy who always loved taking the dog with him. We knew we would adopt again. Rudy was adopted when he was about 3 years old. Rescue dogs are very loving and it makes us feel good to know we can give a rescue dog a good home.

Nikki with Neil
Neil had come across the “Mary’s Dogs” website and really liked how personal it was and felt we would probably benefit by going through an agency like this. We also live nearby so it was pretty much a win/win situation. We submitted our application and explained what we were looking for (basically active enough to go hiking, but calm enough to snuggle with me), we received an email from Mary telling us about “Greta”. They had named her Greta after Greta Garbo because her face is a “movie star” face. Actually her eyes look like she has eyeliner around them. We went to visit Greta and within 20 minutes, fell in love with her. An hour later, we were on our way home with our new lovebug. We did change her name to Nikki because she looks like a “Nikki” to us.

Nikki - waiting patiently.
Our Nikki is part hound, shar-pei, and we think she may have some beagle in her. What a mix! Nikki was already trained to sit when given the command. She was a bit nervous when we first got her, but soon became accustomed to the fact that she was at her forever home and would be very well taken care of and loved. She goes for at least two long walks with Neil each day and knows the trail so well, that she will wander off on her own but Neil knows she will be waiting for him at a certain location. She will not go downstairs to the basement. We have no idea why, but she always just waits at the top of the stairs. She will, however, go through the garage into the basement and is fine while down there if I’m changing laundry or something. It is a finished off basement so it’s not scary. She goes up the stairs from the basement to the kitchen, but will not go back buy doxycycline singapore down the stairs once up there. This is when I wish dogs could talk. I’d like to know why.

We are having a blast with Nikki. The first snow we got over Halloween was so funny. She was afraid of it, and then saw me walk out into it so she started hopping around and trying to catch the flakes. So so funny. She has adapted really well to her new home. Some of her routine is when we arrive home, she will be waiting at the top of the stairs and will sit on her hind legs in an upright position and give us hugs and kisses while we rub her belly. When we take a shower, we are now aware that she will pushed the door open to the bathroom and be standing outside of the shower waiting for us. Sort of stunned us at first to see a shadow through the glass door, but now we know it is our Nikki just waiting for us.

Sharing the chair with Cynthia.
She has never had an accident in the house – except for one occasion when she was sick. I think she was nervous that I would be mad, but I let her know right away she was safe and I would take care of her. We did recently make the mistake of scolding Nikki because we thought she was peeing on the floor occasionally – but we soon figured out it was the freezer leaking, not Nikki peeing. Lots of apologies went out to her with some special treats.

Nikki is a wonderful snuggler and usually falls asleep on me in the evening. When I go to bed, she comes with me. Between her walks, play time, and snuggle time, she fits into our lives perfectly. Both Neil and I love coming home to her. We both feel she has made our house a “happy home” once again and to see her waiting for us at the top of the stairs when I arrive home is very heartwarming – she gives us as much love and attention as we give to her, so it works out pretty good for all of us.

Time for night-night...
Anyone looking for a dog, please consider adoption. They don’t have to be puppies … Nikki was 1 ½ when we got her in October. She is so grateful to be in a good home and be so loved, just as we are grateful that we could give her a good home and give her a wonderful life from that point on. So, here’s to MARY’S DOGS for doing such a wonderful job of getting these dogs up here from the south and giving them good homes!!!


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