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T-4 hours. Aaron arrives…..

Aaron's Journey
Aaron came to us from Darlington, South Carolina, where he was slated for euthanization. He was an extremely shy dog when he arrived in late July, 2010 and he has made stunning progress since that time. As so often happens with puppies, some very basic needs were probably missing in his early life and perhaps what landed him in the shelter initially. Perhaps he had no opportunities for socializing, especially with people. We’re not sure. We know, though, that it took 6 months to get him “on track.”

Our handsome Autumn-colored Aaron is a charming, intelligent, well-mannered dog with luminous eyes and a deep passion for life. Please enjoy his journey through the many blog posts I wrote beginning with his arrival in late July 2010. In these short stories you’ll order doxycycline 100mg discover moments of laughter and tears, self reflection and self doubt. I learned a tremendous amount about patience and commitment, perseverance…. and mostly, love.

F ollow Aaron’s story from the beginning:

We have received word that we should be in White River Junction, VT at 4:30 a.m. So, we’ll be there. The coffee is ready, the crate is ready, tho it’s a bit small….
Oliver energy is everywhere… Jane and Jazz are well aware that something is going on. They know not what….

Scared? Yes. Nervous? Sure. Ready? Absolutely. We’ve done everything possible to be ready for this pup…. he’s checked out. But that’s perfectly okay….we’re checked in.
My first question? Whose dog IS this? Whose life will he change? Who is his person?


One of the only pics we have. 6/2010