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How often has my father declared that I, his second born child, “march to the beat of a different drummer.” Okay. So be it. My dad is spot on and I can’t argue with it. I know precisely what he means and it’s really how I’ve approached my whole life. Sometimes it gets me into trouble.

Well, we’ve unearthed a dog who does the very same thing. I know his schtick. I have him figured out. A dog like Aaron requires patience and comfort, understanding and peace, boundaries, planning and forethought. A good sense of humor. Solace. The end product? Confidence and originality. And not a little chutzpah. Quiet optimism, joy and exuberance. And, a bit of uneasiness.

“Hey! Look at me!” . . . “Wow! Isn’t this cool!” . . . “Geez… bet you didn’t doxycycline 100mg buy online know I could do THAT!” . . . “Watch! You won’t believe how I…”

Geez. Do I wish Aaron could be a bit more humble? Sure. Easy going and laid back? Absolutely. But we didn’t create any of it. We’ve merely uncovered it.

I hope you enjoy this short movie. You’ll see Aaron’s zest for life and hunger for connection and affection. Mostly you’ll notice that he lives utterly in the moment and is crazy excited about life. I’m drawn to his carefree energy and I can see clearly a bit of myself in his antics and approach to life. See for yourself and have a good laugh.

I’ve discovered a dog who, as my dad says, “marches to the beat of a different drummer.” And he’s going to be just fine.