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Racer – Great Family Dog…

Racer is doing great!!! He is honestly the best dog that we have ever had! He’s loving and playful and just an all-around great family dog! He loves to run and play with other dogs and he loves to ride! He has also decided that he really loves to swim! We can’t keep him out of the water! I’m guessing that’s the lab in him.

Ahren & Racer
I just took him to the vet last week and he weighs in at about 68 pounds. This does not stop him from thinking that he’s a lap dog. The vet said he’s a very healthy and happy dog! Racer also loves Aiden, our 5 year old. They are inseparable. Racer lays on the floor with him and just lets Aiden climb all over him! And at night he has to get his snuggle time in with Ahren and I before taking his place at the foot of our bed, which he has deemed his bed as well!

Aiden & Racer
We couldn’t have hand picked a better dog for our family! I want to thank you and your partner so much for what you’re doing with your organization. You are making a huge difference in not only the lives of many animals, but also in many families in this area.

Thank you and keep up the good work!  –The Gilmans