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Peanut is one sweet, patient guy!


Taking a treat from foster daddy’s mouth! So gentle!!

Peanut is one sweet, patient guy. His journey has been long. As I understand it, he (and Oreo, now adopted) belonged to a family in Arkansas where both dogs thrived. I think they were “Dad’s dogs.” He took them running every day. He was with them all the time. He cared deeply for them. There were also two children in the family who loved these dogs.

Tragically, “Dad” passed away suddenly, leaving the family very much in turmoil. Two children lost their father and Peanut and Oreo lost their main caretaker. And a grieving mom had all she could do to go on and build a new life. Peanut and Oreo were displaced.

Both dogs found a temporary home with a family in Arkansas who agreed to care for them while new homes could be found. There were other dogs in the home and Peanut and Oreo lived in the garage for quite a time.

We agreed to take them on and they arrived nearly a month ago. We split them up and both have done well. Peanut is with his second foster family, The Goldsteins, for now (fabulous first foster family could only keep him for 2 weeks because of a changing schedule). Peanut is taking it like a champ. He has not lost his spirit.

How Peanut can go through so many challenges and changes and still show us his tender, loving, trusting self is beyond me. I’m in awe of this guy. He is a wonderful teacher: strong, resilient and quite resourceful! And I suspect he’s going to heal someone’s heart.

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