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Griffin’s New Family!

Griffin Arrives!
It has been three long years without a dog in our family, I grew up always having a dog. So after awhile I started bugging my wife Aimee to find another. I also worked on the kids to bug mom as well. So when she started to cave in, she had mentioned she had been watching Mary’s Dogs because Mary did “Turtle Tales” at my daughters preschool. We watched Mary’s site and it’s crazy how fast the dogs come and go. Every time we saw a dog we liked we could not follow through as there wasn’t enough time to discuss amongst ourselves. And when we did send in our app and inquire about a dog she was already taken, I asked about Griffin, whose name was Wilbur at the time, he is a 2 year old mix of something, Mary said he was taken. But then a day or so later she contacted us and said he was available. So we said yes definitely!!

Griffin smiling for the camera...
We were so excited! and we never told our daughters about it. We had decided to change his name from Wilbur to Griffin in hopes for a new wonderful beginning for him. The time came, it was one week before Christmas and we told our daughters Morgan 5 and Cailin 8 the night before, they couldn’t wait to go get him. They had so many questions and wouldn’t stop talking the whole drive to go meet doxycycline antimalarial online him. Our 5 year old’s biggest concern was that Griffin would need a toothbrush.

Ready for a swim?
When he came off the truck he sure wanted to go, he was perfect. My wife even said “best dog ever!” I will say we were nervous because this was our first rescue. Because he was so high energy we signed up for obedience classes that same day at the Barking Dog. He did not know his name, or even basic commands, everything seemed new to him. He didn’t even know what or how to play with toys.

Who's lookin' good?
Well, it’s been 3 or so months since Griffin has come into our lives, and like my wife Aimee says he is the best dog ever!  We have gone through basic obedience, and almost done intermediate classes. We go for walks every day, some trail hikes at least once a week. Griffin visits the dog park once in a while to play with some friends. He saw snow for the first time. Griffin has been the greatest addition to our family, he is so happy to just be around us. He makes sure he doesn’t miss anything. He just puts a smile on everyone’s face.

We can’t thank Mary and Annette enough for finding such a wonderful dog and then bringing him up  to us. They made it easy for us, and hope they continue changing people’s and dog’s lives. Thanks, Kevin M.