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Friday Feature – Ginger (in her own words)

My name is Ginger. I’m part boxer, pit/terrier, and hound. I’m nearly 2 years old and I’m a Good Girl. Although I’ve got tons of spunk and energy now, I was a very sick puppy when some nice people found me in that parking lot. They found me a safe place to stay. The shelter was a little scary, but I didn’t have to stay too long. I got to go home with my foster mom, April.

The first thing I remember is the parking lot in South Carolina, or at least that’s the first of my happy memories.
April was real good mom! She took me to the vet. She took care of me while I got better, and gave me a loving home. Once I was feeling a little better, I got a little wild! I don’t mean to be a bad dog, but I’ve had to look out for myself. As you can guess, a few things make me…nervous. The big one is other dogs. April worked hard to help me with my problem. She had me checked out, and they found other dogs don’t make mad, just nervous…and LOUD. Having me around was probably the loudest 5 months April ever had!

Ginger and Nico
Over those months, April and I worked really hard on getting me used to being a good dog who could be part of a family, and live with them forever. The only thing left to figure out was who would be my family? When you’re a high strung pup with anxiety issues, it can be a pretty tough question to answer. Luckily, we had some help in the form of a super GREAT lady named Mary.

Mary had been helping dogs like me find homes for a while. Before too long, she had found some very nice people in a place called Massachusetts, who wanted me to come and stay with them. They knew I still had a lot of things to work out, but they were ready to work on them with me. Their names were Deb and Joe. They live in a nice house, with a BIG back doxycycline generic price yard and…another DOG.

Mary arranged for me and a bunch of other dogs to come all the way to New England and meet the people who wanted to adopt us. It was a long, loud ride. When we finally arrived, I was first out of the van; I needed a good doggie stretch and a bush. With all the commotion of new owners, cars, and other dogs-I didn’t know where to go. Just then, Deb put a new leash on my collar and let me lead her to just the right spot.

Happy Couple!
As I sniffed around a fence, Joe came up to us and he had their dog with him. He was a quiet, shaggy boy named Nico. He was very friendly, nosing up to say hello. First I growled and then I snapped; I didn’t want to be bad, and Nico wasn’t being mean, but I didn’t know him and I was freaked out. Nico could have gotten mad back but he didn’t, he just stuck close to his dad and they started us walking.

Pretty soon, we got into their van. They put me in a crate in the back, which I did not like; it’s really scary in a cage. But the ride was worth it, when we stopped and they let us out, I was at my new home!

Ginger relaxing...
We had some tough days and nights in the beginning but it’s been 7 months and we have all settled in just fine. Nico and I are best friends-whether we are playing, out for walks, or just crashing out on our side by side doggie beds, we are always together.

Ginger and Joe
We’ve come a long way together, my new family and I…and there is still a way to go. We work every day on not jumping, not pulling on leash, and staying calm around new dogs. I have a little trouble with my attention span (look, a butterfly…) but mommy and daddy are very patient and understand I’m trying, always believing in me. I hope every lost dog can find someone to believe in them too.

Sincerely, Ginger