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Friday Feature – Bella!

I have had my Bella for just over 8 months and she is fantastic. She has been the sweetest girl from day one- I have only heard a bark once! She loves to snuggle, absolutely LOVES children (too bad I don’t have any!), is great on hikes and loves to go on runs with me. I crated her on and off for the first two weeks while I was away, weaning her off in the second week. She seemed to agree that she preferred to be out and about in my apartment as she chewed through the soft sided crate. (This was the only chewing issue she had!) The minute I let her on my bed and couch (about a month in) she did not sit on her bed another time, so I say that this is her apartment and I just sleep here. She has integrated very well with my extended family and the two other dogs that they have. She is a little goofy with toys- she only likes three kinds…a duck (she’s gone through four), a hedgehog (gone through two) and Kong balls with the squeekers (devoured 6)

Snuggling with Bella
The biggest joy from having her is the time that we spend together in my apartment just us- she is so content to sit and snuggle, but also is a great motivator to spend more time outside. I love taking her on hikes and runs- and she really loves them as well. Her first off-leash hike was the day after Christmas and she just loves being able to roam, but never strays too far as to lose me. I can’t put all the joys in a list…she literally has just changed my life. My father commented to me the other day that I became instantaneously happier when I got Bella. I now decide what activities to do based on what she can do with me, because I want to be with her as much as possible. She loves other dogs and has made many, many friends who we have play dates with often!

Bella Napping
To be honest, there haven’t been many challenges. Probably the one with the most longevity was finding the appropriate food for her- she struggled with very large, generic doxycycline price loose stools for the first two to three months. This also meant that when she had to go, she had to go! Things did improve when I slowly transferred her over to Wellness food (that the other dogs in my family eat), but then even more so when using their Wellness Simple limited ingredient food a few months ago. To go along with that, there were a few potty training issues once I had started leaving her for a longer amount of time at home, but those have dissipated as well with more exercise and the food change.

Bella at the Beach
As well, I am struggling with cutting her nails. I did it once successfully about a month after I got her with no issues, however she has not let me do it since. I have tried putting the clippers by her food, treating with holding paws and the clippers but not cutting, etc, but that did not help as well. She did allow the groomers at her daycare to do it twice or three times, but now refuses to let them do it. She is going to the vet next week (which she loves!) for her check-up, so I am hoping they have more success. Any tips would be helpful!!

Bella enjoying the Scenery
Behavior wise, I did do one private training lesson (given that she could already sit and walk on a leash and do most of the little things you learn in a beginners class) for learning her name, going down and coming when called. She has mastered all of those pretty quickly and we are currently working on stay and heel. I do think I want to go back for a beginners class, just to have it under our belt and maybe progress to more difficult tasks or agility eventually. But also she has recently started to whine a lot and also jump, so those are two things I am looking to quell a bit. She has gone to doggy day care at All Dogs Gym here in Manchester about a half dozen times and absolutely loves it! And the staff there has nothing but good things to say. I cannot thank you enough for bringing this amazing girl to my family. -Nora