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Fin’s New Family!

What's For Supper?
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to expand our family and for taking such good care of ‘Wally’ (now ‘Fin’/’Finny’) while he waited for his forever family. We’re so thankful and proud to be able to hold that title.  We’ve been together for a little over a week now and we could not be happier!  Clearly his foster home was full of love and trust which, we think, made for such a smooth transition to our little family.

Currently, we’re preparing for some home-visit obedience training where we’ll focus on redirection for Fin’s puppy-mouthing.  He does so well at home while we are at work (not needing the crate but having it available at all times) and is ready to play when we get home. Whether running and bounding (boy, can he jump!) outside in the front yard or hiking through the woods with Jeff and other friends’ dogs, Fin returns upon command (with or without treats!), doesn’t jump up on strangers and goes order doxycycline for dogs off-trail or out of the main yard to relieve himself.  

Fun With Fin!
With the exception of the first two days, Fin has not had any ‘accidents’ in the house and has not chewed or scratched any of the furniture!  We’re absolutely flabbergasted by how well-controlled and well-mannered he is! He seems to know his name, ‘sit,’ and we’re working on ‘off’ (when jumping up on us with excitement), ‘no mouth’ and ‘lie down’.

Having Fin has already made such a powerfully positive impact on our family.  Lily refers to Fin as her ‘hairy little brother’ when telling stories at school and looks forward to getting home to play with him.  We’re all learning to be more responsible in different ways and helping to teach Fin the ins and outs of life with the Furlones has given us so much to look forward to each day.

With peace and so much gratitude,

Holly, Jeff, Lily and Fin Furlone