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Debbie Jacobs on “Fearful Dogs”

Mary’s Dogs is fortunate to have trainer and author, Debbie Jacobs as a friend and new contributor to our Facebook page. Her sage advice will be an invaluable resource to our followers and especially our adopters, if you’re living with a shy or fearful dog. Here is an excerpt from a recent post by Ms. Jacobs:

“Did you know that dogs find ‘learning’ pleasurable? Well they do, IF they have not been subjected to punishment for getting it wrong while they’re learning. This means that training a dog to do things isn’t a chore for them, nor should it be for us since we’re learning how to be better communicators right along with them!

Just like a kid who will spend hours learning to ride a bike, a dog can find buy doxycycline 100mg online learning new behaviors a blast! Whether it’s learning to wait at the door when the door opens or learning to go fetch your slippers, dogs dig learning.”

Fearful Dogs Book by Debbie Jacobs
Her website, FearfulDogs.Com is an excellent resource for information on fearful, shy, and anxious dogs. She has personally helped us with our dog Aaron, not only through personal contact but also using her book, “A Guide To Living With & Training A Fearful Dog.”

We hope to make her advice postings to our Facebook page into a regular blog post here on MarysDogs.Com. This way you’ll always be able to access each post article by finding the category “Debbie Jacobs.”  We hope you’ll take advantage of Debbie Jacob’s vast experience and friendly approach in her postings here at Mary’s Dogs website. Thanks!