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Day #136…

Life… with her tiny rays of light, so very sweet. 4 ½ months have passed: late July to early December. The front lawn has changed from the green of summer to snow covered and frozen. My captive (rescued) turtles and tortoises are sleeping the months away in their wintry homes in the cellar bulkhead, while John and I muddle through these long dark days and pine for daffodils and spring peepers. My, how different the world looks now. Yet, a beautiful shimmering golden thread has weaved his way into my heart, as I knew he would, and together we have moved from darkness and despair to a place of exceeding joy and celebration. Souls meet when we least expect it…and that’s just the way it is. One calls out. Another responds. Why does it happen? What is it, exactly, that connects souls together? Good timing? Or has the Universe already written the story? Who knows? Who can say for sure? I’m moving out of the realm of the practical and into the place of the spiritual. This is the season to do so, I think. So, forgive me if I hold the leash in the wrong doxycycline sold online hand at times.

Day 2

Aaron has moved from a smelly crate to walking along side me through the streets of Exeter, NH, with a bit of ease, I might add. I thought he would, but I wasn’t sure. Mostly his accomplishments have been a group effort. So many friends and colleagues have helped without ever meeting Aaron, or me. There’s hope in this: we can change the lives of dogs and people… through talking, even long distance. Sharing ideas and networking. Supporting one another. I have a dog here who hardly had a chance, really. I’m taking what the Universe has to offer. I’ve been on both sides of love. I’ve accepted loss. I’ve talked with a dog, my own, about the need to give in… give up…. because it was his time to leave. And now, there’s sweetness and joy in living and healing. We need both. We all need both.

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