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Damaged but not checked out. Day 2

And, really, I wasn’t sure.

Here are a few pics.


Puppy steps

His colors are stunning… beautiful golds and browns and some washed out, scruffy Shepherd colors. @barrie says Aaron’s eyes are HERDING dog eyes. Okay. I’ll go with that. One thing I know is, his eyes are difficult to read. Many of us thought, initially, that those Aaron eyes were hard, scary eyes. Frightened, shy….What I’ve figured out is that this dog’s eyes are windows to his soul, and, let’s face it…. what saved him. Because I was drawn to them. I’m the saver, though, I suspect @melzpetpals might have figured out how to rescue him if I had not….  ; )

The progress we made was substantial for a dog who has been through so much… and seen so much… with those eyes. He will come out of his crate and accept kibble and treats in his xpen, with me in the room. He’s happy to take food from my hand, unless he hears something that startles him. Then he’ll pull back and wait for me to drop the food. Hmm. That’s interesting, yes? Doesn’t take long, though, before he’ll accept food from me once again.

A tiny bit of engagement with the turtlelady. : )

I also noticed that Aaron will face me in his crate and is seemingly pretty comfortable with doing so… especially if there’s more food to be handed out. And, he allowed me to touch his chin while he’s licking food off my fingers.

So, a good day, I’d say. Though Aaron may not be as happy to see me as I am to see him, I think he’d agree.