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Daisy: “I’ll have what you’re having.”

Daisy settled beautifully into our family!  She appears to have been well-trained in terms of sit/stay/come, and will heel when walking when we remember to push that.  She crates well, was obviously accustomed to that, too.  She is a great couch snuggler in the evening, but has a strong work ethic and does not approve of sitting or computer work during the day.

She loves to walk, meet new people, and enjoys most dogs. She’s very curious about cats, but far too assertive for them and they do not like her (not ours, neighbor cats). She’s a good car passenger and a great companion.  She is also not unlike a 2 year old. She only barks when she is bored and wants attention.

The one downside to Daisy is the fact that she’s a slinky dog.  Our counters are slightly under normal height and Daisy can clear them if we’re not careful.  She will also pull a tablecloth off of a table if there’s something good up there.  This has led to some unfortunate dietary distress for her, but she’s bounced back immediately.  And, unrepentantly. She seems not to eat anything twice if it made her ill the first time, but she’s always interested in exploring a new food if we are absentminded.

We are highly motivated to be attentive! A wonderful dog!