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Champ’s (was Chalupa) First Year!

I’ll never forget the evening of December 1, 2013. We were driving to meet Champ, and I have to admit I was nervous. There were questions running through my head… Is now the right time for a new dog? Is he going to be a good fit for our family?

Champ and Friends!
Well, all those fears were alleviated the moment we met Champ. The energy and love this little dog gave off instantly told me we were making the right decision. He greeted us with lots of kisses and enthusiastic generic doxycycline online tail-wagging and it was clear that he was meant to be part of our family. So now it’s been almost a whole year that we’ve had Champ. He gives the best kisses and will cuddle with anyone who has an available lap. He is trusting, loving and excitable and makes us laugh every day. We love him very much.

Ginny & Champ!
I cannot thank Mary’s Dogs Rescue enough for helping us find Champ. They are a wonderful organization who truly care about their rescue dogs. -The Sousa Family

Photos by Millissa Gass