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Helping Fearful Dogs

Helping Fearful Dogs Seminar in Exeter NH Learn about the most humane and effective ways to help dogs who struggle with fear, anxiety or reactivity! You are a dog’s best hope for learning to feel safer in their world. Join Debbie Jacobs CPDT-KA, CAP2 author of A Guide To Living With & Training A Fearful

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Give Your Dog Another Option

Debbie Jacobs posting: It is helpful to keep in mind that many of the challenging behaviors we see in our dogs are ‘normal’. If we think the behavior is inappropriate we should try to understand why it ‘works’ for the dog. If we can provide the dog with an alternative behavior we think is appropriate

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Has Your Dog Been Abused?

Debbie Jacobs posting: Has your dog been abused? It is not uncommon for someone to come to that conclusion based on their dog’s response to particular people or situations. Though anything is possible there are not enough men with hats and beards beating up dogs to account for the behavior of so many dogs in

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Benefit Of The Doubt

Debbie Jacobs posting: Always give your dog the benefit of the doubt and assume that they have no idea what it is you want them to do. Don’t be fooled, doxycycline 100mg even if they’ve done it before, there’s a good chance the picture has changed enough that they really are in the dark about

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First Impressions

First impressions count a lot! Be patient and carry good treats. Remember that your new pup’s life has been turned upside down. They have left friends behind. Transitions are stressful. Give where to buy generic doxycycline your dog plenty of time to rest and settle in. They’re not family yet and should be treated like

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Help Your Dog Be Successful

Be sure to create situations and environments in which your dog can be successful! If you don’t want them chewing your shoes, don’t leave your shoes out. If you want them toileting outside, get them outside often enough so they can. If they bark at people walking down the street, talk to a trainer who

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Puppies! Start those puppies off right. Carry treats and toys and be generous with them. Don’t take any behavior for granted. If pup looks at you, praise and treat. If pup comes up to you praise and play tug. If pup is lying quietly tell them how fabulous they are. When they sit and wait

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Your New Dog on the 4th of July!

Be prepared for your first 4th of July with your new dog. Create a safe, as buffered from outdoor noises as possible, space. Have a supply of yummy treats cut up and ready in the frig along with a bone, stuffed Kong or chew. As soon as the fireworks begin start the treat party. Wait

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Food, Glorious Food!

I know I go on and on about using food rewards A LOT with dogs but it’s not just about the food. Yes the food acts to reinforce the behaviors we like and want. This can give us faster more reliable responses to our requests. But more importantly the food where can you buy doxycycline

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Fabulous First Date!

Try to plan a fabulous first date with your dog. Get a long line (they sell them in pet shops) or make one out of a clothesline and clasp. Find a quiet-ish place to go for an exploratory walk with your dog. Forget about ‘heeling’ or leash pulling, let the dog discover his/her new world.

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