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Cam Goes Fishing!

Cam Goes Fishing!
There isn’t a day that goes by that Cam (formerly Marco) doesn’t do something to amaze me. He is the calmest dog when he needs to be and knows when it is time to play. After seeing him run at the dog park I have been pretty nervous about letting him off his leash, but he always returns to me when I call him at the park.

A couple weeks ago I took him with my boys to fish at a friends house I decided to let him off the leash. I can only compare it to the feeling I had watching my boys getting on the school bus for the first time. Pride and fear mixed together. I have attached a few pictures of the fishing trip to show you how it went.

Since the results where so good, I took Cam on a hike this past Sunday with my boyfriend and his dog and only put them on their leashes for a few minutes to calm them down as the two dogs got so excited with running up and down the wet mountain we were afraid they would get hurt.

Cam Goes Fishing!
Some other great things he has learned (took 5 months but he did it) is to give his paw, ask to go outside, and ask for breakfast or dinner. One of his favorite things (not so much mine) he likes to beat my alarm clock, about 5 minutes before it goes off he crawls up next to me and noses me with his wet nose till I pat him. Once the alarm goes off he jumps out of bed and pulls my covers off and nips my toes and fingers, if that doesn’t work he runs and jumps on the bed barking over and over till I get up, then he goes and does the same thing to the boys till they get up. It works we are rarely ever late or over sleep!

I have so many wonderful stories I could write a book! Again a big thank you for such a wonderful sweet dog! – Dawn P.