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Broscoe & Friends

We were not in the market for a pup.. perhaps in the future. One day.. late in the afternoon in October a little fellow named Jack walked through our front door.. literally. His eyes were warm and his little body full of bounce. He came and he never left.. of course. After about 6 months of life with Jack we noticed that life for him with his humans was not sufficient. He was longing for a companion, a playmate. Not ever having thought that dogs would be a part of our world so soon we began talking about the possibility of expanding our family.

We tossed around ideas and suggestions for a couple weeks. Our conclusion was that if we had the means to support two pups we’d do it and we felt strongly that Jack should have a little buddy. So.. I, Julia began asking around. I have a great friend who referred me to Mary’s Dogs. Speaking on the phone with Mary gave me more motivation to go through with this and I became excited about the process. We agreed upon a certain dog.

Broscoe, Jack and Julia
One fine morning in April my pup, fiance and I got in the car to meet Broscoe. We made the 3 hour trek from Mass to NH eager to meet our potential new family member. My dog Jack does not travel well.. never has liked the car much. Many pit stops later we came face to face with Broscoe. His lovely, little eyes peered up at me.. though he seemed quite shy. I immediately took a liking to him. The rest of my family did as well and we were not going to leave without him.

We left our home as three and were returning as four. Today is June 9th and Broscoe has been with us for two months. We love, love, love him! He is the apple of many peoples’ eyes.. he is my heart and soul. He supplies everyone with endless licks and tail wags, puts joy in our hearts and he and Jack are a good team. They play, they bicker and go to bed together at night. It was a learning experience for everyone transitioning a new dog into our home but we succeeded in so many ways. Jack and Broscoe had a few outs during the “getting to know you” process but they have come to an even level, a brotherly understanding.

Best Buddies
Time and patience is what we gave and now we have two happy little guys. Mary’s Dogs seemed to know just what we were looking for.. this is one successful puppy partnership. Mary’s Dogs: the work you are doing is amazing and admirable. Many, many thanks! -Julia