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Mary's Dogs Rescue & AdoptionBarkAID’s mission is to raise funds and awareness for homeless animals and the shelters that help them. 100% of proceeds go to local shelters, rescues, humane societies and SPCAs across the country. BarkAID’s mission is to raise funds and awareness for animal shelters and rescues all across the nation. Patrick Lomantini is a master stylist and provides up-to-date styles. Lomantini, along with local hair stylists, provide at least 50 haircuts in each of the 50 states in just 50 days! Your donation gets your hair styled from the famous Patrick Lomanitini.

Patrick Lomantini created BarkAID in 2010. As owner of Lomantini the Salon, he searched for and found a way to marry his passion for hair and fashion with saving homeless animals. BarkAID’s mission is to raise funds and awareness for homeless animals, as well as educate people about what is happening with animals in their communities. BarkAID raises funds and spreads awareness through the 50 States Tour, BarkAID 5K and various other events.


BarkAID is our next Mary’s Dogs fundraiser and it is happening on Tuesday, August 8, 2017 in Portsmouth. It’s an event where a world renowned hair stylist (and someone very high up in the Paul Mitchell company) travels the country and raises money for rescues in each state.  Mary’s Dogs Rescue & Adoption is New Hampshire’s only STOP on the tour! All haircuts happen that day and ALL of the money goes to Mary’s Dogs Rescue.  There is a suggested donation amount of $25.
PLEASE! We need you to sign up if you can, but also to get people you know to make an appointment as well. People can call 603-436-7775 to make an appointment at Paul Mitchell in Portsmouth.  Remember to mention Bark AID when making the appointment!
Thanks for your Help!