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All in the family!

All in the family!

Last week, at Mary’s Dogs Rescue, we were busy! Many dogs arriving from Manning, SC to find one of the coldest weeks we’ve had in New Hampshire for a long while. Our committed staff not only weathered the weather, but also our facility in Northwood passed a NH state inspection with flying colors, which boosted everyone’s morale just when we needed it. I can’t tell you how many staff, volunteers, and Facebook friends it takes to do this work, but it’s at least a medium-sized village. Following is a story from one of our adopters, her mom, and two of those fabulous dogs, who happen to be mother and daughter as well. Enjoy!

Mary's Dogs Rescue & Adoption

Ronnie & Reagan (now Sophie)

Hello! I apologize for the delayed reply. We have been busy basking in puppy heaven 🙂 Reagan, now known as Sophie, is an absolute love bug. She also seems a lot younger than what we thought she was. Which is totally fine. We just feel bad for her that she got dumped at the shelter so pregnant but it worked out in the end because now she’s in our family and will be well loved and spoiled for the rest of her life!

Rosa, now known as Rosie, is all baby. She’s sweet and soft and getting into everything. Just like a normal puppy should. Ha ha. We are working on crate training and house training. We haven’t left them alone yet, of course, and have been taking shifts to make sure they go out every couple hours throughout the day and night. Rosie is not a fan of her kennel but we are working hard on that, too. She only cried for seven minutes when we all first went to bed last night and then 10 after she got up to go in the middle of the night to go out. So I guess can i buy doxycycline online uk overall not too bad.

Mary's Dogs Rescue & Adoption

Holden & Rosa (now Rosie)

As you know, my mom and Sophie will be living in Pennsylvania until they move permanently to New Hampshire at the end of the summer so they will go through training there and I’m in the process of signing Rosie up for training somewhere here. Our pet sitter is a very good friend and she knows everyone in our area so she has given me a couple recommendations. I’m hoping to have that settled this week and in January.

Oh, and as it turns out one of my best friends lives in South Carolina not too far from the shelter that had Sophie and Rosie so she is making a donation on our behalf to them. Our friends and family are just so thrilled for us to welcome a dog into our family again. We were so devastated at the loss of our girl Gracie in October.

Mary's Dogs Rescue & Adoption

Sophie & Rosie!

Anyway, the Facebook and Instagram posts have not stopped and I tried to tag you guys in a couple. Hopefully that’s OK. I didn’t see the pictures you took of us posted anywhere yet (just The Facebook live video, which was AWESOME!!!!), so if you wouldn’t mind sending them along I would really appreciate it. It was such a special night for all of us we just want to make sure we keep that moment captured.

In the meantime, attached are a few other pictures we’ve taken. You can feel free to use them for marketing needs or on your website or Facebook page or any of that kind of thing if you like. Of course I have about 1000 more. We are in love!

Thanks again. We had an amazing experience with your organization and plan to continue to pay it forward in donations, volunteering, etc.

– Jenny, Efrain, Holden and Ronnie