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Keep Treats Handy!

Debby Jacobs
Can you commit to doing this with your dog for two weeks?  Keep a selection of tasty food bits in bags or containers in the fridge or freezer so you always have them readily at hand. Cut up a roasted or boiled chicken, cheese, boiled beef heart or tongue, dried chicken livers, etc. Prepared food logs by Natural Balance or Red Barn can be cut up into pea size bites.

Have treats in your pocket, in a pouch or in bowls out of the dog’s reach, around the house. Whenever your dog looks at you, comes to you, sits, lies down or when you say their buy doxycycline 100mg name, give them a treat. You are not ‘asking’ your dog to do anything! Simply notice them doing something good dogs do, tell them how fabulous they are and toss them a treat. Try to go through LOTS of treats everyday. You can give them several treats in a row too.

If they start mugging you for food, ignore them or walk away. You can reward them for asking for food IF they are offering you a ‘good dog’ behavior. Don’t forget the part about telling them how marvelous they are.

Reduce your dog’s meals so you are not overfeeding.