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Our Dogs

Why adopt our dogs? Dash-4-23-13They’re friendly, sweet, snuggly, and playful. These aren’t nightmare dogs that were thrown away because they were too tough to handle. These are dogs that were in tough situations. They were abandoned, neglected or in most cases, just never given a chance in the first place. But once our team wraps our arms around them, they thrive and flourish. By the time they’re in your arms, they’re healthy, vaccinated, microchipped and ready to go!
Our dogs are good old fashioned, follow-you-to-the-moon-and-back, loveable mutts. They’re “a mix of a mix and mix”. You’ll be adopting a one of a kind, mixed breed wonder. We’ve got them in all shapes and sizes. If you want to know the truth, we’ve loved every dog we’ve rescued. We’re sure you’ll love them too. A rescue dog is a great dog, plain and simple. If you love them, they’ll love you right back. And remember, when you rescue a dog, you save two lives: the one you bring home and the one who takes their place in our rescue.

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Our Team

Why adopt from us?

  • We’re the best at what we do. You can bet you won’t have to wait around for us to respond to an email or phone call. Someone will be in touch almost immediately. Communication is our strong point. Ask us anything, we’re happy to answer.
  • We love our dogs and can’t wait to get them to their forever homes. Our dedicated staff and our volunteers dot every “i” and cross every “t”. Since February of 2011 we’ve helped over 2500 dogs find their families, and we’re just getting warmed up.
  • We know our dogs. It’s important to us to help you find the right dog for your family. If you’ve got a collection of cats, and we know one of our dogs isn't a big fan of cats, we’ll make sure you know. You can trust us to tell you the truth about the dogs in our care.

  • We don’t cut and run. Adopt from us and we’ll stick with you long past adoption day. We’ll stay in touch for a year in case you have any questions as you get to know your pooch. We want all our adoptions to be successful and we’ll do whatever we can to help you transition your new family member into your home.
  • We’ve got staff and volunteers who work together to make our dogs happy. They walk and feed them, clean creates, do laundry, help with transport, and snuggle puppies. (Hey, someone has to do it.) We also have a local vet who takes care of our dogs while they are waiting for you. Our dog behavior specialist will answer any questions that crop up.

Our Partners

  • Paws and Claws Rescue, McGehee, Arkansas
  • Athens-Limestone Animal Shelter, Limestone, Alabama
  • Jefferson County Humane Society, Pine Bluff, Arkansas
  • Monticello 2nd Chance, Monticello, Arkansas
  • Forrest City Area Humane Society, Forrest City, Arkansas
  • Star City Animal Shelter, Star City, Arkansas
  • Chicot County Humane Shelter, Lake Village, Arkansas
  • Volunteers of Crossett Pound, Crossett, Arkansas
  • Mutt Madness in the Mississippi Delta, Greenville, MS

They help our dogs find their way to us in the north and we help them find their way to you! Do you see a dog you like? Did you spot your new best friend? Give us a holler, we’d love to tell you all about him/her and get the ball rolling.